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Sunday, 10 June 2012

Russian Project: 1

It seems modelling the Russian campaign of 1812 is all the rage, as well as having new ranges coming out. Having been focused on the Peninsula for some years and never having done any Russians I thought it was about time! I also thought I would give the Lasalle battalions from Eureka and Warmodelling a go. I also got the 36 figure battalions from Campaign Game Miniatures.

My orders are as follows:

Campaign Game Miniatures

1 x 36RUS002 Musketeers / Jagers Advancing with Command 36 figs
1 x 36RUS004 Musketeers / Jagers NO Backpack Marching with Command 36 figs
1 x 36RUS001 Musketeers / Jagers Marching with Command 36 figs
1 x 36RUS005 Musketeers / Jagers NO Backpack Skirmish / Firing Line 36 figs
1 x 36RUS007 Grenadiers / Guard Advancing with Command 36 figs
1 x 12RUSC001 Hussars Charging with Command x 12 figures
1 x 12RUSC006 Dragoons at Rest with Command x 12 figures
1 x RUSA002         Foot Artillery Crew Loading x 8 figs (4 variants)
1 x RUSG002         12lb Russian Cannon x 2
1 x FOFW001         Napoleon, 4 Marshals & 2 ADCs mounted
20496H Plastic W/Magnetic Bottom (Thick) - 40mm x 30mm- 12 per pack

128.81EUR (there is a standard postage added, I used paypal. Postage is calculated on posting and the difference was refunded to my account), plus local tax in Europe.

Infantry: about AUS$0.57 per man or 0.45EUR
Cavalry: about AUS$1.26 per man and mount or 1EUR
Artillery: about AUS$0.57 per man and AUS$2.27 per gun or 0.45EUR and 1.80EUR respectively.
Generals/mounted officers: about AUS$2.02 per man and mount of 1.60EUR

Eureka Miniatures (AB)

1 x Foot artillery - heavy limber team (AB-RA10) 
4 x Foot artillery, loading (AB-RA02) 
1 x 12pdr gun (AB-RA07) 
1 x Russian Staff Officers mounted (AB-R25)
1 x Russian Generals (AB-R26) 
2 x Infantry Battalion (Empire, Liberation) (AB-LAS-R04) 
1 x Cuirassiers (Empire, Liberation) (AB-LAS-R12)

I also received three sample early Russian artillery in greatcoat. This is not the first time I have received free samples (some long before I started this blog, it is not related, they just do it sometimes I think to advertise new lines). This is much appreciated!

AU$108.18 plus postage (at cost, calculated and charged to my account at posting), plus local tax in Australia.

Infantry: about AUS$0.80 per man
Cavalry: about AUS$1.60 per man and mount
Artillery: about AUS$0.91 per man and AUS$3.64 per gun
Generals/mounted officers: about AUS$1.82 per man and mount


1 x NG-14 Unicorne (10 Pounds)
1 x RN-60 Mounted Officers
1 x RN-72 Kutuzov & ADC
1 x RNA-01 Foot Artillerymen
1 x RNA-05 Artillery Limber Team & Riders (4 Horses)
1 x xBB-114/32 Jägers Firing / Loading
1 x xBB-130/18 Uhlans
1 x xBB-132/12 Cossacks
1 x xBB-142/32 Paulov Grenadiers
1 x xBB-147/32 Musketeer in Greatcoat

92.70EUR plus 12EUR standard postage, plus I paid local tax it seems. If you look at the price on the warmodelling site the prices are roughly 20% less than above. Not sure why they charged tax. I don't really care as they are still cheap but I will ask them and tell you what they say.

Infantry: about AUS$0.55 per man or 0.34EUR
Cavalry: about AUS$1.27 per man and mount or 1EUR
Artillery: about AUS$0.74 per man and AUS$2.22 per gun or 0.59EUR and 1.75EUR respectively.
Generals/mounted officers: about AUS$2.54 per man and mount or 2EUR

These have not arrived yet as far as I can tell. I will go down to the post office Tuesday to see if they have the package there (Monday is Queen's Birthday holiday here in Ozland).

The Army

8 x infantry battalions
2 x grenadier battalions (1 is Pavlov grenadiers, I know they stopped wearing their banana hats by the 1812 campaign but they look so cool!)
1 x Hussars
1x Dragoons
1 x Cuirassiers
1 x Cossacks
1 x Uhlans
4 x 12lb guns, 2 x Unicorn guns, 4 x men per gun
1 x foot artillery limber. I thought I had grabbed more. I might get one more from Campaign Game Miniatures and Warmodelling.
Plus assorted generals and officers because you can never have enough of these :)

Price Comparison

The price comparison is something that is really only relevant for when I bought the models. And that  was about two weeks ago. The Australian dollar has been strong, being on par with the US$ for some time, but it was not that long ago it was around US$0.70-80 (and a long tome ago it hovered around US$0.50!). We are not quite as strong against the Euro, which is similar to the $US against the Euro.

What also has to be taken into consideration are that I bought Lasalle packs which might have bought down the prices a little. 

So for what it is worth here are the price comparisons. The Campaign Game Miniatures come out on top in Infantry and artillerymen, and roughy equal on cavalry and guns. For generals and mounted officers Eureka comes out as cheapest and Warmodelling as quite expensive. The surprise result are the artillery guns from Eureka (AB) being roughly 160% more than from Warmodelling or Campaign game.

                    Infantry Cavalry Artillerymen Guns Generals/M.officers
Eureka (AB)         $0.80 $1.60 $0.91        $3.64 $1.82
Campaign Game     $0.45 $1.26 $0.57        $2.27 $2.02
Warmodelling         $0.55 $1.27 $0.74        $2.22 $2.54

Coming up next is a comparison of the models, then we move on to painting.

Monday, 4 June 2012


I have been looking around at the different flag companies and sources and thought I would put them all here in one place. You could buy the Osprey books, scan, modify and print them. But why when you have so many good options on line. Hope you find it useful and if you have any comments on who to use please feel free to comment.


Free flag website, scale to suit. I imagine everyone must know about this website. Like it says on the page if you can't find what you want herre look at Napflags below. There are instructions on how to scale and use the flag images.

France 1794 Pattern, France 1804 Pattern, France 1812 Pattern, French Line Fanions, French Young Guard Fanions, Prussia  (same as Seven Years War), Kleve-Berge, Austria, Denmark,Britain, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Westphalia, Baden, Russia, Switzerland, Nassau, Wurtzburg, Hesse- Darmstadt, 5th Rhine Conf' and early version of Hesse-Darmstadt, Mecklenberg, Wurttemberg,, Brunswick


Free, scale flags to suit. A subsite of Warflags. They are more detailed than Warflags. So I guess whatever your taste runs to :)

The Empire of Austria, The Grand Duchy of Kleve Berg, The Grand Duchy of Baden, The Kingdom of Naples, The Kingdom of Bavaria, Netherlands, Batavian Republic, Kingdom of Holland, United Provinces, The Duchy of Brunswick, Poland, The Duchy of Warsaw, The Kingdom of Denmark, The Kingdom of Portugal, The Empire of France, The Kingdom of Prussia, Germany - The smaller states and principalities, The Empire of Russia, The Kingdom of Great Britain, The Kingdom of Saxony, The Electorate of Hannover, The Kingdom of Spain, The Landgraviate of Hesse Kassel, The Kingdom of Sweden, The Grand Duchy of Hesse Darmstat, The United States of America, The Kingdom of Italy, The Kingdom of Westfalia, The Kingdom of Wurttemburg

GMB Designs

A UK company with flags for 15mm figures. Online buying, a large selection. These flags look very nice! £3.25 for each pack, £4 for second battalion packs available on request.

French Armies 1804 to 1815
Russian Napoleonic Infantry  1797~1815
Russian Napoleonic Cavalry   1797~1815
British Napoleonic Infantry 1808~1815
British Napoleonic Cavalry
Hanoverian Infantry Regiments.  1813-15
Prussian Infantry & Cavalry  1813~1815
Austrian Napoleonic Infantry and Cavalry 1792 to 181                                                                                                                                                                          
Portuguese Napoleonic Infantry and Cavalry
Spanish Napoleonic Infantry and Cavalry
United Netherlands ( Dutch/Belgian ) 1815                                                                                                                                                                  
German States ( Nassau, Brunswick, Kleve-Berg, Wurttemburg & Hesse-Darmstadt )                                                                                                                                                          
Saxon Infantry 1811-15
Westphalian Napoleonic Infantry
Neapolitan Napoleonic Infantry  1809~1815                                                                                    
Italian Napoleonic Infantry 1808~1813
Bavarian Napoleonic Infantry
Duchy of Warsaw                                                                
Vistula Legion and Polish Napoleonic

Fighting 15s

UK company. These are stated as being specially designed for AB figures which presumably means that they are designed to be used with grand 15mm figures (18mm). Some people swear by them, they look pretty good! 9 flag sheets usually covering two or three regiments are £3.50. I really like the idea of the Orders of Battle pack.

Austria & Hungary
Confederation of the Rhine: Baden, Bavaria, Hesse-Darmstadt, Nassau, Saxony, Westphalia, Wurttemberg, Wurzburg.
Kingdom of Italy, Kingdom of Naples
Minor Countries: Holland, United Provinces, Hanover, Helvetian Republic, Switzerland.
Nordic Countries: Denmark, Sweden & Finland.
Portugal & Spain
Orders of Battle: Albuera 1811, Fuentes de Onoro 1811.

Cotton Jim's Flags

US company. The flags are produced in 15mm, 25mm and 40mm scale. There is a huge range with over 700 flag sets, so I wont list all the countries. The flags sell for $3 per pack, they seem to usually have three regiments per pack with first and second battalion flags.

Flag Dude

An Alabama USA company. They have lots of photos to look at the flags in use. Much appreciated. Flags come in 15/20mm, 25mm, 40-54mm. 15/20mm flags are $4 each, plus $4 if you want them on cotton. That seems pretty steep. But they seem very approachable so drop them a line perhaps to ask about costs etc.

As they say on their website, to many countries to list so they broke them into three groups: British and Allies, French and Allies, Germans (Confederation of the Rhein, Swedes, and Russians).

Vaubanner Graphics

A Canadian company. The flags come in 6, 10, 15, 28mm (15 and 25mm by default, you need to ask if you want them smaller). The flags come in sets of 20 or 24 flags. The sets cost $8 each which seems quite cheap. These flags actually look pretty good, you can see some in their gallery.

15mm French Revolutionary Wars Austria
15mm Napoleonic Wars Austria
15mm Napoleonic Wars Great Britain (1801 pattern)
15mm Napoleonic Wars France (1804 Pattern)
15mm Napoleonic Wars Portugal (1806 pattern)
15mm Napoleonic Wars Prussia
15mm Napoleonic Wars Prussia (pre-1806 pattern)
15mm Prussian Infantry Regiments (1808-15 Pattern)
15mm Napoleonic Wars Russia
15mm Russian Guard & Line Infantry (1797 Pattern)
15mm Russian Guard & Line Infantry (1803 Pattern)
15mm Russian Cavalry Regiments (1803 Pattern)
15mm Napoleonic Wars Spain (1768 Pattern)
15mm Napoleonic Wars Sweden (1765-1815 Patterns)
15mm Napoleonic Wars Duchy of Warsaw

QRF Models
A Dorset, UK company. They have 15mm flags and quite a lot. The menu system is not the easiest to track down what they have under Napoleonics. They all seem to sell in sets of six flags at £2 each.