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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

15/18mm napoleonic modelling companies

Want to know what models to buy? Where to buy them? Well I don't have all the answers. But below you will find links to all the companies that manufacture 15/18mm Napoleonic figures.

The best place to go to see a comparison of many of these brands is Deep Fried Happy Mice. Second, I personally love AB figures and Warmodelling figures for Napoleonics. I throw them into units together to get more variation. Rarely do they clash (no pun intended). I should add Eureka Miniatures Napoleonic figures in to this list as they compliment the AB/Warmodelling figures perfectly.

Campaign Game Miniatures
These are up there with AB as the best you can get, but if you consider price and the service they win hands down. A great range and it keeps growing. They are called 15mm but are really grand 15mm and fit very well with AB and Eureka.

The best you can get. Sold through Eureka Miniatures since 2006. These are generally around the 18mm mark. Anthony Barton still does new lines for Eureka Miniatures when an interesting enough project comes up. So it is still slowly growing.

Eureka Miniatures
Eureka have a range of complimentary figures to the AB figures. These are top notch and compliment the AB models perfectly. They also have the 100/300 club which is fun to get in on. Essentially, it is a wish list club, you wish for it, if they get enough preorders, they will model it.

A spanish company, with a huge range. I have never bought direct because the postage was exorbitant. But it may be better now. I order through Scale Creep Miniatures in the US. These figures generally mix well with the AB and Eureka figures from above, all being generally around the 18mm mark.

Napoleon at War
Another new company. It has a limited selection of French, British and a few Prussians. They sell their models in brigade size boxes and are designed to be played to their own set of rules. I have some of these models and will paint them up. They are bringing blister packs and you can buy their bases (the rules work of their base sizes). I am tempted to base all my models to this rule system as I get the impression it is popular and you could still use the models in Lasalle and other systems with ease.

I painted a lot of these when I was younger. They are alright but don't compare to the AB, Eureka and Warmodelling figures.

Minifigs have been around a long time and there have been multiple generations of sculptings. I remember sitting down with the Minifigs catalog as a child, going over each page again and again. It was fun dreaming about putting an order together.

Old Glory
Big bags, cheap price. French, Austrian, British, Prussian, Russian. Thats as much as she wrote.

Vexillia Miniatures
Vexillia bought the quite lovely looking One Tree Miniatures Ottoman range. I have a post on the Ottomans and I might get some and paint them up! Fight the Russians :)

Now trading under the company Magister Militum.

MJ Figures
Deep Fried Happy Mice reviews some MJ french but looking at the MJ website I see no Napoleonics. Hmm, maybe discontinued?

Museum Miniatures
British, French, Prussians. Limited lines.


Not sure where you can get these.

Warrior Miniatures

Wildly Inspired Miniatures
Now owned by Battleline Miniatures.

Black Hat Miniatures
French and Prussians.

Falcon Figures
They have Napoleonics, no webstore.

UK Frontier
War of 1812. They look a bit varied and blocky, touch of the gnome. Very limited.

Battle Honours
These were once my favourite models. Many were sculpted by Anthony Barton of AB, so that explains their quality. They are usually a little smaller than the AB lines however.


I did buy mainly Warmodelling, AB and Eureka but discovered Campaign Game Miniatures. I purchase my models through Eureka Miniatures (Australia) and Scale Creep (US) as well as Campaign Game Miniatures. I have always gotten great service at all these sites. I also get my Vallejo paints from Eureka. I plan to have a look at buying straight from Warmodelling (Spain) again for my next order and see what the postage will be [ed. I bought direct and the postage was very reasonable, the formula they use has changed].

Last updated 1/2013


Anonymous said...

what size are Ab figures to the eye? or is it the top of head?

Tim said...

The size for AB figures is from the bottom of the base to the eye - just measured it now.
I've got some figures from Napoleon at War (Man at War), Campaign Game Miniatures and Old Glory Miniatures UK (Blue Moon) on their way. Once they've all arrived I'll take some measurements and comparison photos.

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