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Monday, 30 April 2012

Painting Tutorials: Deep Fried Happy Mice

I love this website. It is fantastic. Finding everything can be a bit of click and miss. So here are links from Deep Fried Happy Mice for some useful pages!

A general overview page with links links links! Link.

Notes on the scale of the models and what is best. I am all for the tall 15mm's (18mm or so).  Link.

Getting started in military modelling? Link. I live in the middle of no where and paint for the love of it. I haven't had a wargame in years. But I might just try and find a club!

Little research might save a ton of heartache (and wasted money!) Link.

Starting out with painting? Here is a ton of advice! Link. Love the painting space, especially the paint box.

And a link from DFHM to a basic guide to painting. Link.

Another from DFHM to AB. Link.

Now, some websites DFHM links to are now sadly gone. However, through the stalker magic of the web there area ways to find some of them! Here is a very cool site called Ellsweb that has a very thorough guide. Link.

DFHM guide to a speed painting attempt of a British Regt. Link.

600 minutes to paint 100 Flames of War Soviets? See the painting here. Link.


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