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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Illustrations, tables, maps

So here is a question: what do you want? I am thinking of making illustrations of uniforms, facings, accoutrement, etc for each nation. Are you interested in this? The wonders of the digital world make this very possible.

My second thought regards maps, I do a lot of mapping professionally and I could make some useful maps of the Napoleonic wars. Anyone interested in this? I could do battle and campaign maps as well. This is a big project but would be fun. What do you think? I could even make them interactive. That is not too much harder than a regular map.


DeanM said...

Wonderful endeavor, Nathan. Here's an odd request - can you conjure up anything on the Ottoman army (Russo-Turksih War, 1806-1812). I'd like to see what my Russians could come up against. Best wishes, Dean

P.S. Thanks for visiting and joining my blog.

Nathan Woolford said...

Hey Dean, I am just getting the hang of this and discovering all the cool blogs out there! I have put together a post on the Ottomans. Bit rough but I hope you find it useful! Nathan

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