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Monday, 7 May 2012

Old Photos

Here are some old photos I thought I would chuck up on the blog. Tell me what you think. All advice/criticism welcome!

A Dutch battalion

Tongue depressors as model holders. Haven't used them for ages. Thinking of using plastic bottle tops. Got plenty, saw it on someone's blog and thought that looks good.
 An old paint station. Designed to fit perfectly over an old couch that was very comfy.
 I used to undercoat in white. Now I use black. Not sure what I like best. I use Citadel spray paints for this.
 My paint box. Now far too small for my paints and thinking of getting a multi story tool box. I arrange them by shades.
 Some Prussians, ready to paint. They are still not finished. A project of my son's. I am going to finish them off and expand them for Lasalle and Blackpowder battles.
 Some of my fave books. I certainly feel very lucky to be able to have such a handy collection.


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